Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My First Post

Hello, my name is Stephen Hewston and I am a history education major at Nichols College. I'm currently working in the heating, ventilation, and cooling trade in my home state of Connecticut. My plans are to only do this and any other trade work I can to attain the most knowledge I can.  I enjoy learning and knowing all I can of anything I can. After I am able to attain my degree in teaching history I plan to join the armed forces either in the National Guard for schooling reasons, but my main goal is to join the navy during or after College while I search for a high school that is looking for the best new history teacher they can find.
There are quite a few things I like about Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s blog. Mainly I felt that the colors gave it a clean cut and very sleek look. It is very multifaceted blog with many places to go and things to look at. The very simple with the slide show and short writings give a quick and fun reading.
Unlike BusinessWeek’s, inc.com’s blog was very bright and clean looking. The blog is very busy and has a lot of movement. This draws in readers and encourages them to stay on the site. In many of the titles, to further draw people in, they are filled with catch words like cool, brilliant, and young.
The most different of these three blogs is the Forbes blog. It is very simple and strait forward. There are very little frills. There is only one picture but it does allow the reader to focus on the reading instead. However, they still are linking certain things so that people can read further.
All these illustrate all the different ways that a blog could be created. All the different amounts of writing and pictures, can create a totally new look and feel. 

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